AWE Events – the Events & Communication department of Rossoevolution – brings Jeep® on a quest for wellbeing

Turin – 23 October 2019, AWE Events organised a roadshow from the 21st September to the 6th October with Jeep® present at seven public events held in city parks in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The events were in partnership with “Wanderlust 108”, a Mindful Triathlon which is dedicated to the world of fitness and wellbeing.

The roadshow stopped off in Paris, Florence, Milan, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid and Rome.

A desire for freedom, a love of the outdoors, a wish to exceed limits and a strong sense of belonging are the values common to both Jeep® and Wanderlust. Special attention was given to the female public who were particularly interested in psychophysical wellbeing and who represent an important and growing target for the Jeep® brand.

For the tour, AWE Events created a Jeep Lounge where guests could join a free lesson in “Surfset Yoga”, the new fitness discipline that is captivating thousands of people around the world. There was also a place in the lounge for a Jeep Renegade and a chill out area to enjoy a moment of relaxation or participate in a workshop on specific disciplines.

The Jeep® Lounge was also the starting point for test driving the brand’s SUV range.

Edoardo Bessi: accounting and project management
Carlotta Console: operations

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