Welcome LEO Pharma! Rossoevolution organises a welcome for the Danish company and its team in Segrate

Segrate (MI) – On July 1st 2019, 250 members of the offices in Segrate and 50 members of LEO management joined up to celebrate the official opening of the Danish group’s new Italian quarters.

Rossoevolution planned and organised a day for them entirely dedicated to highlighting the Group’s prominence and to reinforce a sense of belonging.

To evoke curiosity and invite all to participate in the year’s most important event, teaser placemats were created with a scramble of the word “welcome” in WE, Me and Leo.

Wednesday 1 July, the morning was dedicated to a convention, its main focus being the inauguration of the ex-Bayer premises, with an official welcome for the team at Segrate and LEO Pharma’s board of directors. At its conclusion all of the participants, who were wearing a green t-shirt with a LEO Pharma logo and their own names, moved to the garden of the offices where a recreation area had been set up for Lego® building, bowls, darts and the very popular 11-aside table football. The photo shoot of the LEO Pharma logo maxi mosaic also proved a big hit.

The afternoon’s activities, accompanied with live music, enabled the new team to get to know each other. The raising of the Italian, Danish, European and LEO Pharma flags was a memorable moment.

“Company get-togethers are always very stimulating. This in particular, has been not only very engaging but also extremely exciting for all participants” commented Chiara Della Vedova and Cinzia Leonardi, respective events and communications specialist and sales director for the Healthcare division of Rossoevolution.

Cinzia Leonardi: sales director – healthcare division
Chiara Della Vedova: events & communication specialist
Elisabetta Mandelli: project leader
Filippo Marchiorello: creative director
Angela Gilli: head of events & communication
Silvia Masoero: copywriting & content production
Giuseppe Frazzetta: art director
Alessio Mastrangelo: project & graphic design specialist

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