AWE Events creates the Jeep® Roadshow which is teamed with the Rolling Stones European tour

12 cities and 14 concerts between the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland, on a 3 month tour. Resuming sponsorship for the “Stones-No Filter” tour which started officially on the 17th May with the Dublin concert, Jeep® chose the AWE Events project: a stand for fans to live a “rock” brand experience that reflects the personality of the legendary brand.

This is the third time that Jeep® has teamed up with the Rolling Stones, maintaining a partnership founded on common characteristics: a free and pioneering spirit, an unconventional style and an ability to express themselves in an authentic and distinctive way.

To highlight Jeep®s presence on the tour, AWE Events designed and built a stand with a rock DNA, using elements borrowed from the world of music concerts: seating made from fly cases, amplifiers as decorative elements. The traditional seven slot recreated using electric guitars and drum cymbals, the Jeep® logo made and lit like backstage letters.

At the stand, fans can play a digital game – the instant prize is a backstage tour where the dream of going behind the scenes can come through, that or an exclusive Rolling Stones VIP bag. There is also a set where the public can dress up in true Rolling Stones style and be photographed for social media. Each visitor also receives a bandana with the Jeep® and “Stones – No filer” logos

This transforms a simple exhibition area into an exciting and atmospheric meeting place for the band’s fans.

“We are delighted to bring this distinctive display around Europe. It highlights yet again our organisational experience”, states Angela Gilli, Head of Events & Communications at AWE Events.

“This tour is one of the first big international events organised by Rossoevolution and it reflects the endorsement and continuity of a substantial past and the great start with a young, creative and enthusiastic company”, concludes Daniele Rosso, President of Rossoevolution srl.

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