“Tech à Porter”: Rossoevolution stages the debut of the New Ypsilon Range

Milan, 19 January 2023 – During the press event for the launch of the new Ypsilon range, the iconic fashion city-car, Lancia celebrated its long-established leadership in this sector for the fourth consecutive year and for achieving best sales ever in 2022. The event was held at the first Lancia showroom with the new Corporate Identity.

The creative idea of Rossoevolution, who organised the entire event, fitted elegantly into this success story, enriching the location with an “at home feeling”, the new mood selected for the Lancia showroom.

The atmosphere created is a perfect combination of the event location and the new features of the Ypslion range, with even more connectivity, even more efficiency and even more style. “Tech à porter”. Wireless technology. Uncompromised Elegance is the campaign promise airing since 15 January. It revolves around the new technological features that make everyday life simpler, improving the comfort and pleasure of driving making the car even more contemporary and modern. Actress Cristina Capotondi is brand ambassador once again this year. Half way through the commercial, the limited edition bag “E. Marinella by Lancia” is featured – an exclusive accessory created in a collaboration between two brands – world famous for their Italian character and elegance.

Thanks to the concept and realisation of Rossoevolution, the event conveyed a pleasant mood of intimacy and sophistication to the journalists, soberly technological with studied pampering, fully in keeping with the values of the new Ypsilon range.

Edoardo Bessi: accounting e project management comunicazione
Valentina Ricci: project management logistica
Filippo Marchiorello: creative direction
Giuseppe Frazzetta: art direction

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