Rossoevolution alongside Jaguar and Land Rover Italia with a unique and innovative project: The Defender Eco Home

The Defender Eco Home is an exclusive initiative from Land Rover Italia in partnership with Airbnb, offering a travel experience that is both unique and sustainable. The idea stems from two primary elements: the new Defender, a symbol of excellence from Land Rover, the “unstoppable” auto for adventurous challenges, coupled with a new way of interpreting travel.

The recent health emergency has changed the expectations and aspirations of people, revealing some emerging trends: the craving to start traveling again, especially by car (considered the safest way to travel), the desire to discover the unspoilt beauty of our country and a new approach to tourism, fully immersed in nature. The aim of the project is to create unique experiences in unspoilt and scenic places staying in elegant Eco Homes surrounded by nature driving the new hybrid Defender.

Rossoevolution managed all aspects of the project – technical, logistical, organisational. Promoting this car brand from creative concept to the realisation of the Eco Home, undertaking location scouting and various planned activities for each stage of the journey, they are ensuring the experience will be truly unforgettable.

The Defender Eco Home has a minimal design that reflects the “green” values of Land Rover. The building is completely self sufficient thanks to solar panels on the roof, and is made of sustainable materials; polycarbonate panels for the external cladding, recycled fibre-glass, eco-leather and natural fibres for the furnishings, finishes that recycle waste materials from wine production, ceilings finished with a purifying material to reduce pollution. The transparent walls on two sides enable visitors to emerge themselves in the unspoilt and natural surroundings of the Eco Home location.
A day travelling in the new Defender in search of adventure, following routes suggested and staffed by the Land Rover Team completes this unique experience that can be enhanced with lunch and dinner in star rated restaurants, various outdoor activities and visits to places of interest in the locality.
The 10-stage tour across Italy started on the 14 May in Sicily and will visit breathtakingly beautiful places finishing up in Sardinia in September.
Airbnb and Land Rover share a common vision and set of values providing informed choices, a partnership for a type of tourism that is increasingly more sustainable. Bookings can be made on the Airbnb website.

Chiara Della Vedova: accounting e project management
Manuela Gianni: operations management
Carlotta Console: event specialist & tour manager
Filippo Marchiorello: creative director
Silvia Masoero: copywriter
Giuseppe Frazzetta: art director
Angela Gilli: events & communication manager

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