AWE Events – the events division of Rossoevolution – Bring the style of Alfa Romeo around the world in a Motorhome of unmistakable character

When Alfa Romeo calls, AWE Events response. This call was a brief for a branded hospitality unit to be used at events for various EMEA markets. The solution? A customised truck, a mobile dealer that combines a coordinated brand image with logistics and hospitality.

One of the main advantages of this mobile unit is the high visibility of the Alfa Romeo brand while moving from one location to the next. The design and fittings of the Motorhome is sporty and impactful, which reflects and conveys the spirit of the brand.

The truck’s interior is inspired by the world of the Alfa Romeo dealer, reflected in the use of sophisticated materials, high quality finishes and technological tools such as augmented reality and the car configurator. The fittings, with design sofas, wall monitors and merchandise showcases, are designed to be used either as a lounge or as a training area. This versatile layout enables very different event types to be hosted and supervised here, from training meetings to motoring events.

With visibility as a keyword, there is also a 3.5m high LED wall along one side of the Motorhome, which has multimedia content about the Alfa Romeo world for visitors and passers-by to see.

The Motorhome also has a covered exhibition area, large enough to display two cars. The roof becomes a terrace with seating and umbrellas from where visitors can enjoy a privileged view of events.

The truck, managed by AWE Events has travelled thousands of kilometres to attend events in several countries including Germany, UK, Portugal and Italy.

“We have responded to an extremely specific need, studying a solution that best represents Alfa Romeo style and character wherever needed”, states Angela Gilli, Events & Communication Manager of AWE Events, the events division of Rossoevolution. “On the other hand, versatility has always been one of our strengths”, concludes Daniele Rosso, President of Rossoevolution.

Turin, 5/11/2018

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